Review: Making Time by C.J. Harte

Oh my GOD, Teri was so freaking frustrating and I as actually surprised that Mia ended up with her. I though for sure she was going to be able to let Teri go and move on with her life. I found it really interesting the effect Teri had on Mia whether it was conscious or not. All Mia’s girlfriends and lovers after her family moved to Europe looked like Teri. It was almost like they were a filler until the real hing came along and stopped being stupid.

Teri is a total work addict and I was actually surprised when she started to relax around Mia, laugh and have fun. It took some work but she finally stood up to her parents and reconnected with her brother and sister. Mia’s family moving to Europe n the long run was good for her. She made connections she never would have without them. I will say that Pamela needs a big punch in face and I’m glad Teri didn’t go through with the merger.