Review of the Common Thread by Jaime Maddox

Hey guys, this is my first time on here so be nice haha. For those who don’t know me I’m Annabelle and I’m the fun one. Since it’s me and Veronica on here we decided at the end of the review we will put our initials so you can tell who is who. Veronica is on vacation right now so it’s my time to shine 🙂

Common Thread, The - eBook

The Common Thread got four stars from me. Nicole was a very interesting person but I really just wanted to slap her. She was like a little kid stuck in a grown woman’s body. She was very prone to jealousy and if she didn’t get things her way she pouted. I know she grew up with a privileged family and has a great job but that is no reason to make others feel bad or look down on them. Her twin was much better and I loved the fact that she looked out for her kids. I found it funny that they grew up apart but wound up being lesbians. I think Katie having kids not only made her focus and become the adult she is but it made her more caring. I’m glad they had people who looked out for them.

It was very adventurous right from the start I was hooked and I loved it. The things they went through and the fear of not knowing what happens to your kids. Having a crazy person hunt you down and trying to kill you. Then finding out that your not one but you have a double out there who has your face and DNA. That would be a shock for anyone but Katie takes it all in stride. I think she took it better than Nicole did. It was really good and I recompensed it.



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